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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.
The vast majority of retail client accounts lose money when trading in CFDs.
You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

USG UK welcomes all professional clients with a bonus of 25%.

USG UK, the sister to USG, one of the most established and oldest CFD providers in Asia and Australia , has now opened its doors.

Always trade with you, never against you

USG UK T&Cs for Professional Clients Promo

How to Participate:

  1. To qualify for this promotion a retail trading account should be opened and approved. Upon approval one must upgrade and qualify for professional client status to be accepted for this promotion.

  2. Check your eligibility to become a Professional Trader

    To qualify as a Professional client you need to meet two of these three criteria with the final assessment being provided by USG:
    A.Trading volume: Made an average of 10 significantly sized transactions per quarter over the last four quarters.
    B.Portfolio: Have a financial instrument portfolio, including cash deposits, exceeding €500,000.
    C.Experience: Worked in a professional position in the financial sector requiring knowledge of trading leveraged products for at least 1+ year(s).

  3. Mini or micro lots will not be counted towards the total volume to achieve the bonus. Only full standard lots will be accepted and any multiple thereof.
  4. I.E. Only volumes greater than 1 lot per trade will qualify.

  5. Deposit Bonus: When Professional Clients make an initial deposit, 25% of the deposit will be rewarded as a credit. The bonus will be based on the amount of actual funding received by USG UK. The bonus will be available as cash if, over a two-month period, when 14% of the bonus amount has been completed in closed traded lots

  6. Example:

    Deposit Amount: £1,000; Bonus Available: £250
    Required lots to receive Bonus: 35 lots


    Bonus: £1,000*25% = £250
    Required traded volume: £250*14%= 35 lots
    Once 35 lots are completed, £250 Cash will be made available.

  7. Bonus Calculation Period: 60 days from your date of deposit.

  8. Orders for which you cannot use the bonus:
  9. Hedging orders (1 buy and 1 sell) will be considered only 1 order, not 2 orders.

  10. If there is a balance on your account already or, if after you have made the deposit to qualify for the 25% bonus, you make subsequent deposits, the required trading volume for obtaining the bonus shall be calculated on a pro-rated basis of the equity or balance in the account when the bonus was applied.

  11. The Bonus would be disqualified if:
  12. 1.The account net deposit drops below the original initial deposit used for the bonus promotion.
    2.During the calculation of the bonus, the account balance falls below £50.
    3.Fraud is involved.

  13. This promotion is only available to Professional accounts.
  14. This promotion is available to all products listed on our platform, with the exception of cryptocurrency, oil or index products.
  15. This promotion is not valid for intra-account transfers.
  16. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion(s) of USG UK.
  17. USG UK reserves the right of final interpretation for the bonus in this promotion.